A discussion about the rap music around the world

But I guess music just reflects the wider society. A McDonalds and Starbucks in every town in the world Click to expand King Kennytone was heavily influenced by Chubby Checker. Articles she has written on hip hop have appeared A discussion about the rap music around the world such notable online publications as For Harriet and Bitch.

It would be a great shame if all those different African musical styles, like the bands from Mali, Nigeria and so on, disappeared and were replaced by imitations of US music. I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit Them niggas pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get.

Recently, I have become quite obsessive as it relates to checking the meaning of my words — a somewhat paranoid response to the growing social media presence around my music career.

On the track, he chronicles a series of racist micro and macro-aggressions faced by black artists, athletes, and businessmen as they attempt to move up in the world metaphorically as well as via elevators and airplanes.

If you know about the griots of West Africa, then understand that the DNA is already there in the music. Babatunde Olatunji and his effect in the jazz scene and music in the US Rap is just the latest in the exchange program. To be fair, certain black entertainers have recently spoken up from the other side of the aisle, although much of their rhetoric is steeped in the problematic language of respectability.

Follow her on Twitter SammusMusic. Why does there have to be such a double standard? After responding to naysayers through a series of tweets in April, Jay-Z moved to more familiar terrain that night, lambasting his critics via a freestyle he delivered during a private concert for Tidal subscribers.

Rap will not erode centuries of tradition. And while more seasoned popular rappers have not quite taken that leap, most, if not all remain unapologetic in their usage of it.

Rap Music and the

This line of reasoning creates the dangerous space in which assumptions about intent, rather than historical or cultural context, are the only basis for interpreting the use of highly charged language.

Nigga ," which deals precisely with this topic. As it relates to hip hop, I had unquestioningly taken a big part of this context to mean the race of the person rapping. The influences have been and continue to be channeled in the voices of the African musicians.

Influences have always been there for time immemorial when it comes to popular music on the African continent since the 40s.

Sixteen years after the release of Black on Both Sides, the brilliant debut album from Yasiin Bey formerly Mos DefI am only now fully appreciating the importance of " Mr. To be clear, I have no judgments about black rappers who use the word in their music nor do I feel a way about those who intentionally do not.

Fela Kuti listened to James Brown, but is anyone going to say he lost his way and African identity? If anything, my driving force has often been a desire to engender difficult conversations between people who have never thought about blackness in the context of their favorite fandoms.

The same is happening with rap. Yet, as stories about state-sanctioned violence against black people have become a regular part of my media diet, I am increasingly wondering whether my desire to create dialogue comes at the expense of creating a safe space for the very people I am trying to prioritize.

As I perused the annotated verse on Rap Genius the next day, my eyes latched onto one line in particular: I paused, scratched my head, and looked over more bars. A number of new school rappers seem to have an even less proprietary sense of the word.

While the industry has virtually imploded, many black rappers are experiencing unprecedented levels of fame and entry into spaces never before afforded to them.

The first time I witnessed this phenomenon, I was caught so wholly off guard that I temporarily forgot my words. Over time it became a way for me to insert my raw blackness into a scene where race is rarely discussed.

I, on the other hand, am pretty excited about Tidal. It is certainly true that the issues with Justin Bieber and those with V-Nasty represent two different sets of concerns; while the former deals with the use of racially-charged language as a way of othering, the latter deals with the desire to strip language of its racial significance in order to destroy the notion that there even is an Other.

While I am overjoyed about expanding my network of supporters, every new Facebook like, Twitter follower, and Bandcamp purchase also serves as a reminder that I have less agency over the interpretation and use of the words I have written and recorded.Rap Around The World.

K likes. Rap Music. Literally from everywhere! Join us and see what's going on around the World or let people know about your music! One of the most prominent hip-hop subcultures in the world was started in London, England back in the early s when acts such as Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Skepta pioneered Grime Music.

Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Rap Music. Literally from everywhere!

Join us and see what's going on around the World or let people know about your music! Rap Music. Literally from everywhere!

The spread of Hip Hop/Rap Music around the World

Discussion; About; Home Trending. Feb 22,  · The spread of Hip Hop/Rap Music around the World. Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tone, Feb 20, Thread Status: Not open for further replies. (i.e. Babatunde Olatunji and his effect in the jazz scene and music in the US) Rap is just the latest in the exchange program.

Rap music will continue to evolve and as it does, its purveyors must recognize that they are uniquely equipped to start critical discussions around race. Last year NYC rapper Homeboy Sandman broke the Internet after writing a Gawker article entitled, “Black People are Cowards.”.

A discussion about the rap music around the world
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