An analysis of a project proposal to develop web application in nguyen van cu bookstore

Technical feasibility determines whether the work for the project can be done with the existing equipment, software technology and available personnel. This suggestion includes planed study, its advantages, qualifications to conduct the study, and cost analysis.

For calculating the Development costs we evaluated certain cost categories. The idea of online shopping mall originates from e-commerce. The new server and Operating System will be in need when the project is deployed.

In this respect, I would like to inform you that I have decided to make a project on Online Shopping System. The user can buy items sitting anywhere, any time around the world. So this signifies cost-benefit analysis and savings.

Practical project proposal for online shopping system ,Round-20, IDB-BISEW

It will help us connect all of the three tiers designed in the previous phase into a unique form. Following are the key tasks involved in the project and I am giving the approximate weeks to complete- Critical analysis of Online Shopping System using academic journals and articles and this will take 1 week.

Going out for shopping is very hard for them.

Proposal for Online Book Selling System Essay Sample

Nowadays, E-Commerce has become a famous phenomenon in the world. It can certainly run smoothly with any organization and they will get expected benefits. Golam Rakib Trainee ID: According to our survey the bookstore, there are many disadvantages: Customer can sign up and become a member to get extra facilities.

Jun 16th, at We are confident that we have ability to perform this web application - Online Book Selling --The completion date for this project will be December 21, There will be a facility to pay through Bkash, Ucash, or any kind of Mcash.

What we need to design for key features to help the web application work effectively. Front end design of all forms. The UML represents a collection of best engineering practices that have proven successful in the modeling of large and complex systems.

Facilities Our project is a web service application. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, and the population growth is rising rapidly. Developing the business and database logic and this will take 2 weeks.

Module level unit testing. Because of having numerous types of books, numerous customers come to the bookstore everyday.

Develop A Project Proposal

Customers will connect to our network system to get the network resources. Front end design of all the required forms and this will take 2 weeks.

This project is feasible on technical remarks also, as the proposed system is more beneficiary in terms of having a sound proof system with new technical components installed on the system. A feasibility study is a preliminary investigation of a proposed system to decide whether the system can run smoothly with the organization, will the organization realize the benefits that are expected and to decide will the organization go for it.

Analysis of Online Shopping System. All the important data will be stored in the database and it avoids any miscalculation. During this phase, we will survey the customer requirements, information of other online book selling such as http: Nowadays, peoples are using internet for communication, collaboration, and many other things that done online.

The system is user friendly and easy to use. Net Database Processes Effects on Designing User Interface In Database Design phase, I will collect all of the information given in system analysis and design phase and the relationship indicated at the getting and analyzing information phase.[11/29/] Project Proposal: Web based textbook sharing system for University of North Texas students Background Project will develop a textbook sharing system for the University of North Texas students.

It is a web based system where students can exchange or donate used textbooks for free. The textbook sharing system will be. Restaurant Application Development Proposal Submitted To: Michelle Smith General Manager, regarding the development of a web and mobile application for 7 Star Restaurants Ltd.

The discussion has given us a Restaurant Application Development project. Practical project proposal for online shopping system,Round, IDB-BISEW Application for project proposal June 16, Project Consultant WPSI, IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project IDB Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka Subject: Proposal letter for the project on “Online Shopping System”.

Dear Sir, Thank you for offering me an opportunity to make a real life project. Bookstore. method for buying and selling books. On campus bookstore is popular among students in book purchase, but for most sellers the medium of internet is most preferred medium for selling.

Background of the Problem The main purpose of the project study is to explain the increase in popularity of internet based Used Books sales with. Proposal for Online Book Selling System Essay Sample.

This project proposes to develop web application in Nguyen Van Cu Bookstore. With the Internet is becoming the world’s largest communication, it has provided an environment where everyone can be online at any given time. mathematical model development for project development policy ERA specializes in agricultural and Sustainability Analysis Brian Van Lienden, p.e.

GSP Preparation Leslie Dumas, p.e., Ali Taghavi, ph.d., p.e. Development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

An analysis of a project proposal to develop web application in nguyen van cu bookstore
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