An analysis of robert temples book the genius of china 3000 years of science discovery and invention

Sometimes their diagnostic techniques were astonishingly accurate, though some were based on mere superstition. Cleverly, the Chinese did not initially use paper, made from compressed hemp, to write on but for wrapping, nose-blowing and "personal hygiene.

These days, we Americans would do well to understand the Chinese as thoroughly as we can; this book is a good starting point in beginning to understand that before "we" "discovered" the Orient, it was doing fine without us and our primitive technologies.

He is notably a visiting professor of history and philosophy of science at Tsinghua University in Beijing. This is a book that impresses with the wealth of its information.

The genius of China : 3,000 years of science, discovery, and invention

In the first century A. There are color photographs throughout along with older black and white ones and relevant drawings.

They fashioned bombs, mines and guns, even repeating guns, centuries before these notions of warfare occurred to Americans or Europeans. They used thyroid extracts to treat goiter and reputedly possessed the secret of smallpox inoculation by around the year They also used paper for clothing, even employing a thickened version for military armor.

The Chinese were also years ahead of us in the development of medicines. He has compiled this large, satisfyingly attractive and fact-filled book to respond to such negative impressions of the Chinese, who, it turns out, not only invented the aforementioned items but were the first people to heat with natural gas and make extensive use of the first plastic enamel.

They identified symptoms of diabetes mellitus, correctly associating it with sugar in the urine; this was as early as or before. In the ninth century, they famously invented gunpowder, using it to ignite rockets, and by the tenth century they had advanced its use to set off a fuse for a nasty flame-thrower that "sprayed enemies with burning gasoline" reminiscent of a much later Western killing device, napalm spray.

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An analysis of robert temples book the genius of china 3000 years of science discovery and invention
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