Barco case analysis

Like their state economic level, most of their companies are right in the process of starting, and most of them are value- conscious.

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The second option is to keep the price of current existing products. The element that makes it so different is that they produce the projectors with high scan rate. Alternative Identification Pricing Options The first option is to lower the price of existing products to ensure the market share and get some revenue in short-term.

V with large numbers of employees and high market share that designed manufactured and sophisticated video projectors for industrial application. Problem Definition BPS is facing a significant threat to its high-end market share and its traditional market segmentation.

Barco Case Analysis

Now we are sure that Sony could supply the tube 8 immediately. In Barco case analysis, if BPS would like to lower products price, it has to consider the prices to keep balance between market share and profits. It not only consume those products that outdated only because of a new product launching with a slight update in a number, but also could prepare for the future market in Asia.

Then, we analysis its three possible strategies which include pricing option, production development option and stability of supply option to deal with its dilemma situation.

In other word, BPS has to withdraw from the high-end market and lose their target customers. BPS said, if the two key components— tube 8 and lens—were provided, they have the capability to produce a new machine named BG, which has superior performance than that of Sony Conclusions Based on our analysis we would like to provide these recommendations Firstly, BPS should stop the development of BG and shift all resources to immediate development of BG At the same time, the stocks will reduce.

The reason we want BPS to maintain the price is that we are not sure of the acceptance of Sony among consumers. BPS thought Sony would share every most developmentally terminal technology with them. BPS could reduce price a little bit and export it to those regions. However, if they want to keep their pioneer position, they should not just leave the potential disaster without any action.

Through discussion, we define the problems that BPS is facing. Once the image was corrupted, the influence followed by which was probably everlasting.

Developing BG needs to solve several problems, such as the supply and design of the lens and the morale of the engineers. The second problem is which product strategy BPS should choose? The introduction of BD in October will bring revenue to the company.

At last, we draw a conclusion that if BPS wants to survive in the high end market competition, it has to shift all of its attention on the development of BG Although has the best performance in the world, the relative high price of it will make consumers withdraw to purchase it.

The second option will cause postpone of BD Its main competitor is Sony projector, whereas it obtains tubes from Sony in-house supplier, which means that BPS relies on a certain amount of technical and developmental information of Sony. For the advance-orders for BD before, BPS could promise them to deliver a new kind of superior projector BG at the same price, only if they approved the delay in supplying.

In s, comparing with competitive European market, Asian market is a growing market with potential purchasing power. BPS has to promote the morale of engineers who may be desperate of the end of BG project and who may be tired after a long work time without vacation. Thirdly, BPS should find other tubes supply companies as soon as possible or develop the key component parts in house.

Last but not least, BPS should enter emerging markets in east far and allow market share erosion in existing markets in Europe.

So BPS has to pay highly attention to deal with the problem. The last option is to develop BG Also, the introduction of BD can keep a good relationship with consumers and engineers. But BG is not competitive enough. Though BG is competitive with with higher scanning frequency, it would not be competitive in other aspects.Barco's Case Analysis Essay.

A CASE ANALYSIS OF BARCO PROJECTION SYSTEMS NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, PRICING AND MARKETING STRATEGY Problem Definition Barco Projection Systems faces a challenge to its market dominance by the introduction by a rival, Sony, of a product of purportedly greater quality than.

Barco Case Group members: Siyu Liu, Yating Li Che Zheng, Liang Dong, Xiaoxuan Gu I. SUMMARY In order.

Case Analysis of Barco Projection System: Worldwide Niche Marketing Introduction Barco N.V. was established in as a producer of radio broadcast receivers. Analyzing the Barco's superiority from the case, it's show that Barco has two big markets: the United States and Western Europe.

From the Table B Geographic Segment Growth, Barco has 50% units in the United States and 36% units in the Western Europe and the predicted annual growth of each are 9% and % from to This slideshow was created to showcase the marketing research involved in the strategic decision-making process.

This presentation represents a decision for th. PROTOGONIST Erik Dejonghe, the iconoclast Senior Vice-President and chief operating officer of Barco Projection systemswas in a quandary regardin 3/5(2).

Barco case analysis
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