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Therefore, laptops differ from desktop computers in terms of design, but achieve the same purpose of program execution. Speakers, keyboard and mouse for a laptop computer is built-in so it does not contain wires.

There are some limitations to consider, but they are not overly significant for most users. Unlike the portable laptop computers, most of the desktop computers are heavy, which makes them not portable.

But if a desktop computer gets damaged, you can just replace the parts of it that have been damaged. A need to upgrade anything other than the hard drive and memory usually requires a new laptop.

Users must also disconnect all the components and pack them well before moving from one place to another when changing locations. Keyboard Desktops can make use of full size keyboards, including a number pad. Even though it can handle some computer games, it cannot handle hardcore games which are new releases.

Users can carry their laptops around while travelling, and they can work from any location. Memory and hard drive are about the only components that can be upgraded in a laptop.

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer

If a notebook is damaged, you will need to replace it as a whole and you are lucky if it is still under warranty. For most users opening a laptop to repair a part can be difficult and finding a replacement part often requires calling the computer manufacturer or ordering from another online site.

But I suggest you go for both if you have the budget. Topic Laptop Cost There is a wide variety of component options available for desktops, allowing for a large range of prices, but the starting point is relatively cheap.

It is even possible to hook up a desktop to a TV, so screen sizes could be as large as a TV. A person can use either a desktop computer or a laptop to execute the same program successfully. The battery kicks in immediately when power fluctuates or goes out.

Below is a chart that compares the two types of computers, providing pros and cons for each to help you make a more informed purchasing decision. In writing this essay, I hope to help people decide on whether they will buy a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

A desktop computer is easy to customize.

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On the other hand, desktop computers use direct current as the only source of power, which means that uers cannot operate them in case of a power outage. The laptop computer is also portable. While the above chart may make it look as though Desktop computers are the best overall option, if portability is a big need of yours, the laptop is the best option.

It is suitable for hardcore gaming. Therefore, many people may not afford to purchase laptop computers because of the high cost.

Therefore, laptops should be portable to utilize the functionality of alternate current. You can move it with you while you travel and it just occupies a small space. The remaining components are either built-in and not removable or the laptop is not designed to work with an upgraded version of a component.

Therefore, users do not need to connect and disconnect such components every time when there is a need to change locations. However, laptop computers are suitable for mobile use while desktop computers are suitable at single locations.

The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences of desktop computers and laptop computers in terms of convenience, maintenance, performance and cost. Performance of a laptop computer and a desktop computer has great differences.Compare Anything ›› With software like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion they can be run; side by side.

Macs and PCs both have dedicated followers, and each type of computer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Comparison chart. Differences The Mac vs. Buy Comparison and Contrast between Desktop and Laptop Computers essay paper online In the contemporary society, people need laptops and desktop computers to do a variety of activities, including long distance communication, playing music, creating databases, just to mention a few.

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Sign up to view the rest of the essay. Read the full essay. More essays like this: Not sure what I. So, the purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between using laptop or desktop PC.

When we talk about laptop or desktop PC, we can heard many ideas or agreement or disagreement about both of technology gadget such as laptop is better then desktop PC or opposite or otherwise about the prices.

When deciding between purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop computer, you'll need to consider a handful of criteria and make a determination that fits your needs the best.

Below is a chart that compares the two types of computers, providing pros and cons for each to help you make a more informed.

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