Coordinating managerial function

Often, policies are applied to specified situations in the form of procedures. In fact when the management assigns and groups various activities to the departments, coordinating of the activities is the uppermost in its mind.

It encourages team spirit. In other words, coordinating function is the orderly arrangement of individual and group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of a common goal. Since the coordinating is done through people, with people and between people, it helps in removing misunderstanding between the people and thus improving the inter personnel relationship between the employees.

Management Function of Coordinating / Controlling: Overview of Basic Methods

The significance of coordinating as a function of management mainly arises from the fact that work performed by different departments and groups form integral part of the total work for which the organization exists.

Coordinating managerial function Management particularly observation and feedback phases Performance management focuses on the performance of the total organization, including its processes, critical subsystems departments, programs, projects, etc. Planning It is the basic function of management.

This business function requires leaders to establish performance standards, measure actual performance and compare the metrics to determine anomalies. The word itself can have a negative connotation, e. A plan is a future course of actions. The coordinating function of the management prevents overlapping and conflict so that the unity of action is achieved.

Sports coaches have a saying, "Winners keep score," meaning that winners know where they are and know what is necessary to achieve a goal.

It also consists of developing relationship with stakeholders and the environment under which the organization operates. The main goal behind staffing is to fit the right type of employees in the appropriate position, promoting success for both the employee and company.

See Basic Overview of Performance Management. Evaluations Evaluation is carefully collecting and analyzing information in order to make decisions.

What Are the Five Managerial Functions?

For theoretical purposes, it may be convenient to separate the function of management but practically these functions are overlapping in nature i. Hence coordinating the activities becomes a major task of the management in a large organization. Unlike decentralization which standing downward movement of tasks and powers, the delegation is temporary, covering a period set by managers and subordinates.

Organizing as a process involves: It determines the expected behaviours of the employees. Leaders need to identify what activities are necessary, assign those activities to specific personnel, effectively delegating tasks.

Delegation generally includes assigning responsibility to an employee to complete a task, granting the employee sufficient authority to gain the resources to do the task and letting the employee decide how that task will be carried out.

Without harmonized effort or unity of action, achievement of goals in some departments may run counter to that of the other departments, or the timing of achievements may not match properly. It ultimately helps in reconciliation of goals, total accomplishment of organizational objectives, and maintenance of harmonious relationship between different groups and ensuring economy and efficiency in the organization.

Coordinating – A Management Function

Management ensures through coordinating that there is no difference in actual performance as compared to the standard performance so as to achieve the organizational goals. Directing Activities Directing activities is a key function. It improves goodwill of the organization.The five functions of a managerial position include planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating and controlling.

These functions are what distinguish the roles of management from other areas, such as marketing, finance, and accounting. Planning is the function that allows management to develop.

Those functions include planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and staffing. There is not one function alone that can guarantee the success of a project. All of the functions of management must be coordinated to complete a successful project.

Throughout the entire process, communication is a key for managers in coordinating a project. Some people even react strongly against the phrase "management control". The word itself can have a negative connotation, e.g., it can sound dominating, coercive and heavy-handed.

It seems that writers of management literature now prefer use of the term "coordinating" rather than "controlling".

Functions of Management

According to management experts, coordinating function of management is necessary since (i) it affects all the functions of management, viz., planning, organizing, and directing etc., and (ii) It is a mother principle of management and all other principles are included in this one principle.

Jun 30,  · Five key functions are regarded as the ways that management should lead and interact with team members. From planning to review, the more specific management is, the more effective the business is.

Watch video · There are four functions of management that span across all industries. They include: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

You should think about the four functions as a process, where each step builds on the others.

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Coordinating managerial function
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