Explain the key features of the

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The foremost characteristic of oligopoly is interdependence of the various firms in the decision making. It leads to a sort of monopoly within oligopoly. Whether one considers monopoly or a competitive market, the behaviour of a firm is generally predictable.

Thus uncertainty under oligopoly is inevitable, and as a result, the demand curve faced by each firm belonging to the group is necessarily indeterminate.

Top 9 Characteristics of Oligopoly Market

Thus different firms are closely inter dependent on each other. Much more extreme animation effects are available but, in most cases, should be used sparingly if at all.

Simple animation effects are often used to add interest to bullet point text. The Regulations cover the right to annual leave and to have rest breaks, and they limit the length of the working week.

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The interdependence of the oligopolists, however, makes it impossible to draw a demand curve for such sellers except for the situations where the form of interdependence is well defined. As you can see, the gallery of available shapes is very extensive. Given these conflicting attitudes, it is not possible to predict any unique pattern of pricing behaviour in oligopoly markets.

In particular, young workers: In addition, there is a range of graphical conditional formats that helps with visualising data by using icon sets, colour scales, or data bars.

Suppose you have a list of hundreds of records including dates, ages, names, cities, and more. Hence, no firm would like to reduce the price or to increase the price.Key protections for adult workers include: a hour maximum working week.

Employers have a contractual obligation not to require a worker to work more than an average hour week (unless the worker has opted out of this voluntarily and in writing).

Briefly explain the key features of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) (6) - Military alliance of Western powers set up in - Deepened the division between West & East and caused the Soviets to set up their own military alliance, the Warsaw pact, in This fact is recognized by all the firms in an oligopolistic industry.

What are the main health and safety regulations?

If a small number of sizeable firms constitute an industry and one of these firms starts advertising campaign on a big scale or designs a new model of the product which immediately captures the market, it will surely provoke countermoves on the part of rival firms in the industry.

Explain the key features of two therapeutic models (CBT AND TA) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (also known by its abbreviation CBT) was primarily developed through an integration of behavior therapy (first popularized by Edward Thorndike) with cognitive therapy (developed by Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis).

From experience I have learned over the years that there a number of key “project” characteristics. These characteristics are elements that make a project a project.

What Are the Main Features of Microsoft Word?

Briefly explain the key features of the re-establishment of Soviet control over Czechoslovakia after the Prague Spring (6) - The Brezhnev doctrine was used for the first time to stop the threat to the East.

Explain the key features of the
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