How to write a party invitation in spanish

Let your recipients know if they are allowed to bring a guest. You can also create a border around the invitation in fitting Spanish words that are appropriate for the invitation. Write month mes and time hora.

Add on optional information. Below that write where lugar the birthday party will be held. If the party is held off-site, meaning not at your home, give not only the physical address but also the name of the business and phone number for directions.

You can also write about whether or not they can bring someone with them. For example, use the word "hora" or "donde" for the time, and then provide the time in English as "5: If they need to dress a certain way or bring anything with them to the party make sure you communicate that clearly on the invitation and provide this information as a reminder during the RSVP call.

Cumpleanero states it is for a birthday. Make sure to be clear about the date and time of your party. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in English and is currently pursuing higher education to become a creative writing professor. When creating your party invitationsthere are several things to think about before putting them into the mail.

For example, nombre del cumpleanero cumpleanera for female means "name of the birthday boy or girl. Always include the day of the week as well.

How to Make an Invitation in Spanish

This is also optional and you will want to write it towards the bottom of the invitation, starting on the left side. She also has extensive experience writing SEO and alternative health articles, and has written published interviews and other pieces for the "Atlanta Tribune" and Jolt Marketing.

This would be written acompanantes son bienvenidos, which means they can bring company. A simple map with road names will help. Conclude the invitation with another engaging saying, about love if the invitations are for a wedding, like "Love is eternal" "el amor es eterno"or "Congratulations!

Tell the recipients what the event is for. Provide the name of the host for the party. Once you have it written up, check it twice. A fun way to get the party started before the actual celebration day is to list a fun teaser or hint on the party invitation.

Provide the guests with a phone number that can be used to inform you ahead of time if they will be arriving as well as a phone number that the host can be reached at during the party in case of last minute changes or directions.

Birthday party, graduation, holiday, etc. Include all necessary details inside the invitation so guests know where the event will take place, and what time to be there. Be sure to write out the entire date: Also indicate that it is a birthday party.

Begin with por favor for please. Next to this write the day of the occasion such as Sunday, which is domingo. This says to bring food or drinks. When written in Spanish it will say te invita a su fiesta de cumpleanos que se celebrara el dia. Write puedes traer bocadillos. Write whether or not children are allowed.

There are Spanish birthday party invitations available at the store, but you can write your own. Hageman wrote a romantic comedy novel entitled Her Desire listed on ebookmall. Continue to write next to the name of the birthday person that the person receiving the invitation is invited to celebrate the occasion.

Look below the day of the occasion and continue to write information regarding the date of the birthday.Invitaciones para Fiestas (Party Invitations) Fiesta like there’s no mañana!

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

And start the celebrations with a digital Spanish invitation from Evite. Find your favorite designs translated into Spanish in our Fiesta invitation gallery.

(Note: You can write your custom host message in Spanish no matter which invitation you choose.) Digital. If your next event has a Spanish theme, you can write your invitations in the language for a festive and authentic feel.

You may need to have some background in Spanish to word the invitation correctly, and keep in mind not all of your guests understand Spanish. Feb 04,  · I have to write a birthday invitation in Spanish, and I am not quiet sure how? I have to write an invitation for a birthday party in Spanish but I have no idea how.

I would appreciate some Resolved. Find customizable Spanish invitations & announcements of all sizes. Pick your favorite invitation design from our amazing selection.


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Writing a party invitation is an art really. There are important details that should not be skipped when preparing an invite. Clearly write the date of your party, including date and day of the week.

Your invitation also needs to tell your guests what time to arrive and approximate or definite length of your party if there will be a. A birthday invitation is a card that is sent out to everyone who is invited to the party.

You can send invitations for both formal and casual parties, which allows people to plan ahead to come to the special occasion. Writing the birthday invite in Spanish would be great for guests who don't know.

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How to write a party invitation in spanish
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