Jonathan pollard

FBI agents arrested Pollard as soon as he left embassy property. Pollard is the only person in the history of the U. This time, however, Prime Minister Olmert commented that it was not the appropriate occasion to discuss the fate of the convicted Israeli spy.

The Court of Appeals rejected both arguments. She attempted to do this, [43] enlisting the help of a neighbor. A subsequent polygraph test was inconclusive, although it did prompt Pollard to admit to making false statements to his superiors, prior drug use, Jonathan pollard having unauthorized contacts with representatives of foreign governments.

Once the Wye summit was underway, Clinton quickly "forgot" his promise to free Jonathan Pollard and there was little Netanyahu could do. I recall when I was in Turkey Jonathan pollard after Pollard was arrested a delegation of the American Jewish Committee came through town and met with the Consul Jonathan pollard and later the Jonathan pollard, insisting that Pollard was some kind of nut and assuring all who would listen that Israel would never spy on the United States.

Bush did not pardon him. Subsequently, this request was turned down by President Bush. Pollard requested a phone call to his wife to tell her where he was. When asked to return the stolen material, the Israelis reportedly turned over only a few dozen less sensitive documents.

Taking the initiative to secure it, the supervisor glanced over it and saw it was unrelated to antiterrorism matters in the Caribbeanwhich is what the section focused on. Sources conflict on the outcome: Defendant acknowledged that, although he was not paid for his unauthorized disclosures of classified information to the above-mentioned acquaintances, he hoped to be rewarded ultimately through business opportunities that these individuals could arrange for defendant when he eventually left his position with the U.

Pollard had provided intelligence to Israel relating to nearly every one of the key national security elements detailed in 18 USA Code and, most particularly, had provided the Radio Signal Notations Manual, which contained details of how the United States collects signals intelligence as well as the known parameters of the systems used by the Soviet Union.

Noting that Pollard had violated multiple conditions of the plea agreement, he imposed a life sentence on the basis of a classified damage-assessment memorandum submitted by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

In fact, defendant was involved in an ongoing business venture with two of these acquaintances at the time he provided the classified information to them None of these claims were true.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared an unofficial holiday in his honor and there will no doubt be a victory parade, as he is regarded as a hero by most Israelis. When Pollard was awaiting sentencing his lawyers sought to influence presiding Judge Aubrey Robinson into agreeing to minimal jail time, claiming that the espionage was really only a misguided bid to aid a beleaguered friend and ally Israel.

Frank said Pollard has paid a price much higher than anyone else that spied for a friend of the United States and more than many who spied for its enemies.

They proposed that Pollard be sold to Netanyahu once again: LairdFrank C.Florida competition lawyers with extensive experience litigating non-compete, trade secret, trademark and antitrust claims. Call Jul 29,  · Jonathan Pollard, who’s been in prison the past 30 years for selling secrets to Israel, will be released on parole this November.

The Truth of Jonathan Pollard

Two things are worth. The history of the Jonathan Pollard spy case usually breaks down to the views of the person doing the analysis.

Facts of the Pollard Case

If one holds favorable sentiments for Israel, sympathy towards Pollard usually surfaces. Contrary if one maintains an abiding loyalty towards the United States, the facts of the spying and. Nov 21,  · Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli citizens applauded Friday's release of Jonathan J.

Pollard, an American convicted of. 'Time has come to cancel restrictions on Pollard and allow him to come live in Israel.'. Jonathan Pollard was a civilian American Naval intelligence analyst.

Jonathan Pollard

In the mid 's (circa ), Pollard discovered that information vital to Israel's security was being deliberately withheld by certain elements within the U.S. national security establishment.

Jonathan pollard
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