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More Essay Examples on Employment Rubric Stakeholders are people who own a share in the business, they have to buy the shares from the stock exchange or they have an influence or interest in the business.

Communities Communities are Mcdonald stakeholders external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders internal stakeholders in a school would be teachers the as they are people who actually work for the school.

They are important to McDonald that they pick the right place to get there materials. Suppliers help to gain good quality products also they can make a quick production by shipping out the materials at the right times so that the products are fresh and the business never runs out of a material.

The government also pass new laws that could affect the way McDonalds is run an example of this would have been when everybody got banned from smoking in indoor public places. Employees have to pay to be part of the union but it is only a small amount out of your wage or salaries.

The government are interested in McDonalds because McDonalds offer lots of opportunities for the unemployed to get a job as there is many franchises are the world because McDonalds is a global company.

McDonalds Stakeholders Essay

Trade unions Trade unions are external stakeholders as they work outside the business. In theory, stakeholders affect business and are affected by business.

Suppliers also have an interest in McDonalds to be one of their stakeholders. Employees Investors Communities Employees. They can also bring a negative effect, this is because if the food is not a good standard the business can gain a bad reputation and loose customers.

Suppliers Suppliers are also internal stakeholders as they also work with McDonalds.

McDonald’s Stakeholders: A CSR Analysis

Working with external experts complements and stretches our thinking, often resulting in greater impact. The interests of these stakeholders include community development support and environmental programs.

The interests of these stakeholders include affordable and healthful food choices. These engagements are supplemented by the long-standing relationships we have with partners and advisors, with whom we have worked more closely on the development of specific initiatives.

However they can be a negative outcome from the community stakeholders, this is because they can easily pick up on problems and things that are wrong with the business this can lead to the business gaining a bad reputations for a little mistakes, customers are more likely to spread the reputation round if it bad than good reputation.

Our independent partners and advisors bring invaluable expertise, knowledge and experience to help us identify our global and local priorities, and develop responsible and appropriate actions to address them.

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Thus, the company has a wide variety of corporate social responsibility programs to support these stakeholders. For example, World Wildlife Fund WWF experts on forestry, climate change and oceans challenge us to take action in ways that are both impactful and make sense for our business.

So anybody that works for McDonaldsis a stakeholder. As we transitioned from our Global Sustainability Framework to our Scale for Good platform, we reached out to external experts to understand expectations and gauge the impact of our aspirations within the context of the food and beverage industry, as well as among corporate sustainability leaders.

WWF led an independent analysis of our supply chain in to help us identify the raw materials that represented the biggest sustainable sourcing opportunities for us to prioritize. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

They have to get planning permission first before they can start building it this is another way the government play a part as they have to decide whether they are going to allow or deny this.

Essentially, they help shape what we do and how we do it. One stakeholder of McDonalds would be its employees. Thus, it would be better for the company to improve its corporate social responsibility efforts.


Our engagement journey Our engagement with stakeholders goes back more than four decades. The interests of these stakeholders include career development and fair compensation. But the government are actually external stakeholders as they also hold an interest and influence McDonalds.

The company currently has a low but stable growth rate. The interests of these stakeholders include profitability and growing revenues. This means that every customer who buys from any McDonalds franchise is a stakeholder.

McDonalds use many suppliers for the things in their store for example they get the food from one supplier and then the drinks from another. By listening to and collaborating with others, we can elevate our awareness, critically examine emerging issues and trends, and take informed action to drive greater impact.

However, the company is widely criticized for the health effects of its foods. Even if they only use McDonalds occasionally. External Stakeholders - Suppliers Suppliers are important to any business because if they had no suppliers then there would be no materials to produce the products.

The community is interested in the developments going on in the area for example if they was to develop a store then it would cause traffic and noise pollution which would make customers or the community complain. Some of this is part of our Scale for Good governance and materiality processes.

However, the company pays low wages that are almost down to the level of the legal minimum wage, even when employees keep demanding for higher wages. This could be from a partime team member or somebody from the head department.Leaving McDonald's Web Site Just letting you know that you’re leaving the McDonald’s UK website now.

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The Suppliers are also internal stakeholders, as they will work alongside McDonald’s and supply various ingredients and essential products for the McDonald’s stores. If McDonald’s didn’t have a supplier, they wouldn’t have any products for their customers.

Regarding McDonald‟s CSR, all the aspects related it are mentioned and explored in the McDonald’s Corporation Worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility Report, aimed at all categories of stakeholders.

McDonald's have to keep in mind the effects on the community because they are important to giving back feedback to McDonald's so they can improve their business to meet the needs of the community. McDonald's is a worldwide restaurants. McDonald's is a very large business with a large amount of stakeholders internal and external.

Stakeholders in a business influence a business positively and sometimes negatively. Stakeholders Introduction In this assignment I will be talking about two different businesses, Holly Lodge Girls’ College and McDonalds, and stakeholders involved with them and how they influence the businesses.

Mcdonald stakeholders
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