Professionalization of personnel management in india

It is against such a shift in managing people, in the s, a new approach has emerged, i.


Apprenticeships were reducing rapidly. As it did not have mandatory licensing for entrants, competition was bigger. Accordingly, Owen himself implemented this philosophy in his cotton mill at Scotland by introducing facilities such as shower baths and toilets in the factory premises, model villages for workers, raising minimum wage of employment of child labour to 11 years and reducing working hours from 12 to 10 hours.

This meant these professions could oversee entry to practice, education, and the behavior of those practicing. Individual behaviour is linked with the group behaviour. This code also ensured that penalties were put in place for those who failed to meet up to the standards stated.

Some of these included hospitality, mothering, interior decoration, and fashion. They feared their wage would decrease because women were expected to be paid less. It focuses attention on situational factors that influence managerial decision. These sub-systems are inter-related and interdependent.

It was one of the major accomplishments of Parisian hospitals and with the rise of Parisian pathological-anatomy, it became a very important clinical practice. Again, this proves the high degree of power that the profession had.

As regards work simplification, it would be ideal where there is a limited resource, unskilled labour and limited training opportunities available. The First World War further worsened their conditions. The blind imitation of foreign styles of management may not be good for the country.

Physicians also pressured the government for better attention to the health of its citizens. As well, greater attentions to their professional ethics were among the strategies employed to distinguish themselves as high status professionals.

It was between and ; many experts expressed their opinions towards the human aspects of organisational activities. Oftentimes, they sought power through their connection with an organization. What we have is management by inheritance rather than by competence or by professional management.

The medical field enjoyed more power than some other profession, for example engineering. Thus, this clearly shows that management function depends upon given situations present in an organisation. A modern codes of medical ethics were also implemented in the 19th century.

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The main findings of the Hawthorne Experiments were as follows: That being said, many factory and business and factory owners did not particularly like this standardization because they felt threaten that engineers would increase their authority and territory.

The act required their members to oversee medical education, keep track of the numbers of qualified practitioners, and regulate it for the government.

A code of ethics for professionals ensured that the public receiving the service was well served and set guidelines for their behavior in their professions. Given such scene, government intervened under compulsions to take care of the situation.

A person was a professional if enough people said they were a professional.One important trend in the field of management is Industrialisation of management. The industrial development in colonial India owes much too European management.

After Independence, European managing agency was increasingly replaced by Indian managing agency. Slowly foreign management was being replaced by Indian.

Following Factors Stand In The Way Of Professionalization of Management in India

Professionalization of management in cooperative banks are now a days a burning issue in the way of competing their Reserve Bank of India 2.

Dinesh C, “Introducing Personnel Management in Cooperatives”, Harshad Publication Pune, 3. Dubhashi, P.R. “Principles and Philosophy of Cooperations, VMNICOM, Pune. Professionalization is a social process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true "profession of the highest integrity and competence." [1] The definition of what constitutes a profession is often contested.

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This paper presents the challenges encountered in the professionalization of management and administration of the cooperative business organizations in India as well as the strategies applied to overcome these challenges.

The following are discussed in detail: imperative need for effective and efficient human resource development (HRD); .

Professionalization of personnel management in india
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