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Strategic Initiative Paper (Harley Davidson) – FIN 370 Week 3

Strategic initiative week 3 fin 370 microsoft reach peak efficiency, it is essential that that manufacturing process is closely aligned to the seasonal demand for motorcycles throughout the world.

Leave a comment Introduction Strategic planning and financial planning are two distinctly different tasks designed to optimize business performance. When employees work longer hours during the peak production season, the company must be prepared to pay overtime wages from working capital.

A strategic plan will include expectations for the use of all company resources, including financial capital, human resources, intellectual property, etc.

For instance, the company will need to have a higher amount of material on hand during the peak demand seasons of spring and summer as compared to the winter months when demand is comparatively low.

Purchasing sufficient materials to meet customer demands for motorcycle requires Harley Davidson to maintain enough liquid assets throughout the year. Third, the supply chain will be affected by the variable demand for materials needed to produce motorcycles. Summary A new strategic initiative announced by Harley Davidson in is to implement season surge manufacturing processes at its U.

Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you describe the relationship between strategic and financial planning.

A detailed financial plan will be required to accommodate the surge in demand for motorcycles that occurs seasonally. A long-standing reputation of positive workforce satisfaction and loyalty has been established within the firm.

A breakeven analysis can be used to measure the precise amount of revenue that must be generated for new plant assets to provide higher returns. In addition, working capital is necessary for the payment of wages to employees.

Ideally, the ability to manufacture products based on seasonal demands will provide efficiency to production and a higher return on shareholder equity. However, if new assets can reduce variable costs they will improve operational profitability when demand is high.

A second potential ethical concern is environmental sustainability with the new surge production capabilities. From a financial standpoint, upgrading to new plant assets will create a higher degree of leverage and thus more risk for shareholders. The following paper will identify the similarities and differences between strategic and financial planning as they related to Harley Davidson NYSE: New advancements in information technology and robotics have provided Harley Davidson with plethora of choices for upgrading plant assets.

A solar array at a manufacturing plan will have a high initial cost, but it will reduce variable energy costs over the long-term.

It will be important for Harley Davidson to maintain a strong code of ethics and attempt to make decisions that support the welfare of loyal employees. It may be beneficial for the company to lease certain equipment in the supply chain in order to reduce costs when it is not being used during the peak season.

With the seamless launch of surge production at our York, PA. Because this new manufacturing process is designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, it may be necessary to cut jobs or reduce working hours.

Harley Davidson Annual Report.

The purpose of strategic planning is to outline the mission, vision, and tactical goals of a firm. Second, the implementation of new manufacturing processes will require detailed working capital plans and new purchase demands on suppliers. Avoiding a myopic viewpoint on renewable energy will benefit shareholders and reduce risk exposure to the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Be careful not to use quarterly reports.

Larger energy inputs will be needed during peak production cycles and this presents a good opportunity for the company to implement renewable energy sources at its manufacturing plants. References Harley Davidson Inc. S based manufacturing locations. Shareholders, employees, suppliers, and consumers will need to be prepared for how surge manufacturing will affect their stake in the company.

This direction will require a higher attention to detail when it comes to financial planning due the variable nature of seasonal motorcycle demands. If implemented successfully, the initiative will reduce manufacturing costs, while meeting the product demands of the motorcycle customer base.

These choices will save money on paper, but would not be in the best interests of employee stakeholders. In contrast, financial planning sets specific goals related to the structure and availability of financial capital.

In addition to the York, PA plant, the company has plans to implement surge production practices throughout its U. When investing in new plant and equipment assets, it is essential that they reduce the variable costs needed to produce each motorcycle.fin week 3 team assignment - strategic initiative paper • Strategic Initiative Paper:s Using the selected organization from your Learning Team Week Two assignment, prepare a 1,word paper.

Strategic Initiative: Wal-Mart Marlene S.

Smith, Michael Simmons, Monique Brown FIN/ April 16, Dr. Osie Egbuniwe It is the way a company ascertains how their organization is doing and if it is headed in the direction to for fill the goals.

Strategic initiative 1 Microsoft’s Strategic Initiative Amber Morgan, Carol Young, Christopher McMillan, Dane Patterson, Terri Gibbs FIN/ March 31, Brenda Jaber Strategic initiative 2 Microsoft’s Strategic Initiative Every large organization has its own methods of success, especially in terms of strategic and financial planning.

Microsoft: Strategic Initiative 2 This paper will identify how Microsoft Inc. utilizes a strategic plan to strengthen operations, assess the organization’s direction, set priorities, and ensure that all employees and stakeholders and working toward common goals of.

FIN Week 3 Instructions Find the company selected for the Week 2 assignment’s annual report from or the investor relations section of the company’s website.

Be careful not to use quarterly reports. Strategic Initiative FIN March 10, Christine Gordon Strategic Initiative Strategic planning is the foundation of a successful business, according to a Commentary given by Viraj Yadav in Strategic Directions “Strategic planning is a crucial factor in the survival, development and success of any business” (Premeaux, ).

Strategic initiative week 3 fin 370 microsoft
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