The background of key deer

The female fly mates once in her life, so the infestation can The background of key deer battled by introducing sterile flies to the population, causing the females to die out without laying fertile eggs.

Highway mortality is the greatest known source of deer loss. Yet at one point the population was only about 25 approximately 50 years ago does show conservation efforts are helpful.

Instead of stopping along a busy section of state highway, officials recommend that visitors travel to the north end of Key Deer Blvd. Also, hanging around people and developed areas in higher than normal densities makes them more susceptible to diseases, dog attacks, and entanglements in human trash, all of which can lead to increased injuries or death.

Thus, while the short term promises some cushion from extinction, the long-term prospects for the deer remain in doubt. Odocoileus virginianus clavium Appearance: Description[ edit ] This deer can be recognized by its characteristic size, smaller than all other white-tailed deer.

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No records exist documenting the origin of the deer in the keys. Living close to humans, they have little of the natural fear of man shown by most of their larger mainland relatives. Photo Courtesy of Capt. Other important steps in its conservation were adding fencing along roadways, imposing stricter speed limits and stepping up law enforcement.

Approximately 40 of them are killed annually on a highway that goes through their natural habitat. Antlers on mature bucks are dropped February through March, and re-growth begins almost immediately so that by June, bucks with 2-inch stubs are seen. They females are from 40 to 65 pounds.

However, they do have a period of time when they seem to take part in it more than others. The Key deer is the smallest subspecies of white-tailed deer. Feeding acclimates them to humans and vehicles, and makes them more likely to be hit and killed by vehicles.

Recent population estimates put the population between andputting it on the list of endangered species. It is believed that the deer migrated to the keys from the mainland many thousands of years ago, across a long land bridge. Rutting season activities begin in September, peaking in early October and decreasing gradually through November and December.

They will even take food out of the hands that people offer to them. They are not found anywhere else in the world. This speed limit is strictly enforced by law enforcement.

Key deer can be found foraging in yards and on roadsides, where they approach people and slow-moving vehicles for handouts. The shoulder height of Key deer is between inches.# - Protected Key Deer in the National Key Deer Refuge, Big Pine.

# - Low key Image of wooden christmas trees and deer with garland. # - Low key Image of wooden christmas tree and deer with garland. The Key Deer is a subspecies of the White Tailed Deer but they are much smaller. They males average in size from 50 to 75 pounds.

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They males average in size from 50 to 75 pounds. They females are from 40 to 65 pounds. For more technical information about the Key Deer, please Click Here To get information about Big Pine, Click Here To get information about the Florida Keys, Click Here Much of this information was obtained from the U.S.

fish and Wildlife Service publication "Facts on the Key Deer", which is available at their information center. The Key Deer refuge is a much needed area to provide some habitat for this endangered species. The Key Deer is under pressure from the development in the area.

You can see Key Deer all around the area, primarily in the cooler parts of the morning and evening. The refuge is also a great place to ride your bike and stay out of traffic.4/4(18). The Key deer (Odocoileus virginianus clavium) is an endangered deer that lives only in the Florida Keys.

It is a subspecies of the white-tailed deer (O. virginianus). It is the smallest North American Cervidae. Poaching and habitat loss had reduced the number of Key deer to only a few dozen animals by the ’s, but establishment of the Refuge and subsequent listing of the deer as endangered in has allowed for protection and a dramatic recovery of the species.

The background of key deer
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