Thesis conditional tags

The only thing holding you back is a lack of knowledge. Combined with the files in your custom folder, you now have everything you need to perfectly recreate your site somewhere else.

This takes a bit of imagination and a bit of coding knowledge, but this tutorial will get you started. Included in the zip file are the images used in this tutorial. If you leave that field blank, Thesis will generate a thumbnail for you based on the Post Image field.

This example adds tags and categories to the Thesis byline, each on a new line, and with the needed classes to match the other byline items. Gracefully degrades when JavaScript is turned off.

This will result in two files downloaded to your computer. Please visit our blog home page for current updates. Help is at hand! Only on Certain Posts or Pages?

For example, you could include the HTML for your ad tags, and then, target your ads to specific pages. Learn from the Masters! The Image Gallery can have optional directional arrows and a pause button. Usually, it takes some trial and error to get it fine-tuned to that level of detail. They cover topics ranging from the basics to specific, commonly used blog design elements in Thesis.

Easy to install and use. Thesis Design Thesis conditional tags Clickable Logo in Header — Want to replace that boring title and tagline with your flashy logo? If you want to manually retrieve these pictures somewhere else featured posts, sidebars, etc.

Take note, when I target a page, you have to use the page-slug, which is what appears after. Also, take note of the 2nd bracket at the very end. You may already know that you can add a background image to your site adding this to the body: Multiple Custom Page Templates in Thesis — Thesis allows you to create custom page templates to do just about anything you want.

If you have any questions, refer to the WordPress Codex to see all the different tags that are available there are many. You can leave all the other settings alone, and Thesis will use the defaults set in Thesis Options for post image formatting and thumbnail sizes, or you can override those settings just for this post.

The Rotating Image Gallery has these great features: How about adding some additional information? Any number of images of any size can be displayed. If you place an absolute URL to any image even ones you have uploaded already in your post contentThesis will associate that picture with the post, generate a thumbnail version automatically, and you can retrieve that picture anywhere you want.

Thesis 2 Boxes

Pretty sweet for bumping your page views up a bit.Warning: You can only use conditional query tags after the WP_Query is set up or with action hook. Complete List of Conditional Tags # Complete List of Conditional Tags.

Front Page

The question is, what’s the easiest way to incorporate these conditional statements into the Thesis Theme Framework? Keep reading. The Power of the Thesis Custom Functions File. One of the great things about Thesis is the Aug 18,  · Filed Under Topics - Case Study - Community Library, Conditional Statement, Conditional Tag, WordPress Menu Listed Under Lesson Subjects - WordPress Menus Applies to - ThesisWordPress “Tutorial: Customizing Just Your Front Page, Pages or Posts Using Conditional Tags” provides all you need to know to be a master of Conditional Tags in your file.

Fully illustrated with code examples, it walks you through using Conditional Tags for the Home and Front pages, posts, and pages.

List of Conditional Tags

Tutorial: Customizing Just Your Front Page, Pages or Posts Using Conditional Tags Tutorial: Easy Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin Tutorial: Image Button Bar Menu/Submenu. Thesis is by far the most impressive theme I’ve seen out there when it comes to design, SEO, and features.

After playing with Thesis for several days, I feel confident saying this is one of the most powerful themes I have used.

How to Use WordPress Conditional Tags

With that said, the interface for Thesis is confusing.

Thesis conditional tags
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