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But the popular creed saves neither the omnipotence of GOD, nor yet preserves His character. Accordingly, he makes the line of his houses a horizontal line, and fails, of course, to produce the effect demanded.

Can we believe any human being capable of creating us for such a purpose?

Thomas Browne

His first fiction was "Cruthers and Jonson", one of several abortive attempts at writing a novel. Now in all cases, unless the person has happened to observe in pictures how it is that artists produce these effects, he will be utterly unable to make the smallest approximation to it.

Even at his emptiest sneer as when he said that Whitman thought he was a big man because he lived in a big country the victim does seem to shrink a little.

What, I ask, has the dogma of endless pain and sin really effected? In opposition to both these theories stand the views here advocated, which have been always held by some in the Catholic Church; nay, which represent, I believe, most nearly its primitive teaching.

The edition was published in Whoever such a being may be, He is not the God of the Bible. That when imagination has called up a series of ages, in apparently endless succession, all these ages of sin and of agony, undergone by the lost, have diminished their cup of suffering by not so much Thomas de quincey essays one single drop; their pain is then no nearer ending than before.

Under these circumstances, it is mere rhetoric to talk of "forcing" the will. We are worshipping once more the unknown God. For so long as sin lingers in a single heart, so long as a single child of the Great Parent perishes eternally, whether annihilated, or sent to Hell, so long is the Cross a failure, and the Devil practically victor.

Given the enigmatic nature of Sartor Resartus, it is not surprising that it first achieved little success. And the conditions under which these forces will work in a future state, will certainly be very unlike, those now obtaining, and very much more favorable to conversion.

Mere skepticism is our sole refuge. Here, then, was a fresh proof that I was right in relying on my own feeling, in opposition to my understanding; and I again set myself to study the problem; at length I solved it to my own satisfaction, and my solution is this. The theosophist Madame Blavatsky.

The fourth stroke will make your body four times as bad as the body of Job. If Hades kindle the sympathy of the lost, shall heaven kill the sympathy of the blessed? Between andCarlyle delivered four such courses of lectures. Indeed, it seems perfectly clear that the popular view requires us to believe in the final loss of the vast majority of our race.

While sin is universal, and sorrow and pain universal, shall not our hope be universal too? It seems amazing that able men are found capable of maintaining that a reconciliation which is described as coextensive with all creation, Col. But how can I believe that a loving Father - all powerful as He is all good, and absolutely free, does so arrange, does so permit, that for any one soul, this sad and fallen estate of human nature shall prove but the portal to endless woe; that the gift of life - which Providence has forced on me - shall ripen to endless woe and sin?

If they fail to sympathize, are they not sunk in selfishness and debased? To sneer at such a person for their failings is the philosophy of those who seek comfort in the conventional. They are from sources so widely apart as a medieval school man, and a modern puritan.

He has one idea — a hatred of spoken and acted falsehood; and on this he harps through the whole eight pamphlets". Awful as are these quotations, I must repeat that they give no adequate idea at all of the horrors of hell; for that which is the very sting of its terrors -their unendingness - is beyond our power really to conceive, even approximately, so totally incommensurable are the ideas of time and of endless duration.

The second stroke will make your body twice as bad as the body of job. Think of endless blasphemy and rottenness: Another world has stepped in; and the murderers are taken out of the region of human things, human purposes, human desires.

Yes, the question of all questions is, is God indeed love, is the Gospel really good news, not possible but actual glad tidings to all? If so, I reply, better ten thousand fold mechanical goodness that keeps one at the side of God for ever, than a wholly unrestrained freedom which leads to the devil.

They in fact tend, as nothing else ever has, to cause, I had almost said, to justify, the skepticism now so widely spread; they effect this because they so utterly conflict with any conception we can form of common justice and equity.

In fact, my understanding said positively that it could not produce any effect. For plainly that which misses its end is a failure.Harvard Classics, Vol. English Essays: From Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay: Four centuries of the development of English prose are illustrated by 24 works from 17 authors, ranging from those best known for the essay, like Addison and Hazlitt, to those, like Jonson and Coleridge, whose poetic spirit infuses all their writings.

Biography Early life. The son of Mr Thomas Browne, a silk merchant from Upton, Cheshire, and Anne Browne, the daughter of Paul Garraway of Sussex, he was born in the parish of St Michael, Cheapside, in London on 19 October His father died while he was still young and he was sent to school at Winchester College.

In Browne. Harold Bloom's list of the Great Books from the Western Canon.

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Christ Triumphant. or. Universalism Asserted. as the Hope of the Gospel on the Authority. of Reason, the Fathers, and Holy Scripture. by. Thomas Allin. A collection of essays on the work of Ken Wilber, written by several authors. Murder as a Fine Art (Thomas and Emily De Quincey) eBook: David Morrell: Kindle Store.

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