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Tutorial Answer 3 Electrophoresis was originally used by Linus Pauling at Caltech to separate out the three different forms of hemoglobin molecule found in patients coming from sickle-cell families: To award points for a group of answers: In the top right, enter how many points the response earned.

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You have been tagged with: Pauling did not at the time know the exact amino acid substitution; the separation was an empirical finding based on the supposition that whatever the change might be in the mutant hemoglobin, it might affect electrophoretic mobility.

Vernon Ingram, on the other hand, used electrophoresis to separate fragments of normal and sickle hemoglobin produced by digesting the large molecule into smaller components.

Use a meaningful title. Because the mutation leads to substitution of a valine non-polar, or non-charged amino acid for glutamate polar, positively-charged amino acid in the beta chain of hemoglobin, the electrophoretic mobility of the molecule is affected.

At the top, click Responses Individual. We need ALL the red text, not just a small part snipped out of it. Be brief, complete and clear see also points Comparing a mutant to a non-mutant hemoglobin digest, Ingraham found one fragment that migrated at a different rate in the two samples.

He found that the mobility of the heterozygous form was intermediate between that for the two homozygous forms. If you only click "Choose file" but do not then click "Attach file", it will not attach your file. You can vote for more than one Answer and you can even Vote for the one you Accepted to give that author double reputation points.

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In this case it was more practical to use paper chromatography for fragments because of their large size migration would be too slow with electrophoresis.Chemical Reactions Test Review Tutorial (In this tutorial I state that Redox problems are only bonus problems on the test - that is not the case!

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Electrophoresis was originally used by Linus Pauling at Caltech to separate out the three different forms of hemoglobin molecule found in patients coming from sickle-cell families: Hb A Hb A (homozygous dominant or normal), Hb A Hb s (heterozygous, sickle-cell trait), and HbsHbs (homozygous recessive, sickle-cell disease).

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Tutorial 3 Questions for submission 1. Explain how higher saving leads to a higher standard of living. Can you90%(41). Tutorial 3 Answer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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