Underground railroad writing activity for preschoolers

How did Walter find his way? Tell students that today, they will be learning some of the special language used to describe different aspects of the Underground Railroad.

Before the Civil War, John Brown, a tireless crusader against slavery, fought his last battle against slavery in an American courtroom. Then ask students to imagine they could talk to that abolitionist today, and write a mock interview with him or her.

What would a victory or a loss mean for the region? Begin by reviewing the combination of history and cultural factors that contributed to the development of the spiritual.

You are against slavery, and fear that slave hunters will be out in force to catch and return the runaways. Stories of Young Slaves as Told by Themselves, by Yuval Taylor, for grade 9 More to Explore Here are some websites for kids and teachers who want to dig deeper into the some of the topics explored in The Underground Railroad: Why did he feel "like a spy" traveling across Ohio?

There are five bolded words in the passage.

Underground Railroad Activities for Preschoolers

Give students ample time to write their diary entries, walking around the room to ensure that students are on the right track. What might have surprised runaway slaves who reached northern cities?

Another astronomy lesson on the Drinking gourd is available at http: This is listed in the elementary lessons section because that is who created it.

Journey on the Underground Railroad

What Would You Have Done? Will you keep traveling to Canada, or settle here? Also, there is a lesson plan to promote further dialogue about anti-slavery issues.

Assign a research project on a country that was affected by slavery aside from the United States. Connections to Freedom and Science, appropriate for grades 5-adults.

Harriet Tubman

Additionally, students who have trouble with writing could integrate three or fewer terms in their diary entry rather than all five. In their diary entry, they must include all five terms from the passage. Break up the passage into smaller, more manageable chunks for students to read.

On each side, have students brainstorm reasons for and against going to war in Lesson Materials for Teaching About Slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Elementary Lessons: In this English Language Arts unit literature circles and writing process techniques are used to explore historical fiction, legends and biographies on the topic of slavery.

Canada's connection to the Underground Railroad is stressed. In this activity, students will learn about some common words and phrases used on the Underground Railroad. They'll also learn how some people used a "secret code" to keep their work hidden.

Then students will complete the coded letter using some of the secret language of the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad Resource Site An extensive site by a 2nd grade class - crossword puzzles to print, timeline, quiz. “Most slaves didn’t read, so they looked for signs that people would help them on the underground railroad.” Make a paper quilt that slaves used to communicate information about the railroad and to identify way stations.

Research and role play activity - become part of the Underground Railroad to help slave Ann Clark escape.

The Underground Railroad Teaching Guide

Great for Black History Month Find this Pin and more on Activities: Ideas & Resources by Kathleen Applebee. Jul 22,  · Use it as a stand-alone lesson or as support to the lesson Journey on the Underground Railroad.5/5(1).

Underground railroad writing activity for preschoolers
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