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The sound of falling rain was pleasing to the ears. They start smiling, singing and take high fly in the sky. Rainy season falls in the month of July Hindi month of Shawan and stays for three months long.

This season gives lots of relief through its natural and cool rain water.

141 Words Short Paragraph on a Rainy Day for kids

The burning heat, hot shinning sun and no clouds in the sky were the proof for no chances of rain. In the streets, floating boats on the sides of the roads where water was flowing fast. New leaves are arising to the plans and trees as they get natural water after a long time of hottest summer.

That day was a summer day with burning heat. I become very restless in the summer season because of too much heat, warm air and skin problem.

Peacocks and other forest birds start dancing in full swing by spreading their wings. Even cars and buses were stranded at many places.

Nature is beautiful and it has many forms, and scenes, each of which is different to one another and varies in their beauty. Generally, it begins in the month of July and ends in September. Rainy season has lots of advantages and disadvantages: Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun.

I never want to lose this season.

Short Paragraph on “A Rainy Day” in Hindi

White, brown and dark black shades of the clouds look wandering in the sky. Rain is only the most beautiful and relief giving moment in the time of dolefulness. Help your kids and children to know about this interesting and slightly cool season using such simple and easily written essay on rainy season.

We get a big opportunity to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. All the natural water resources such as pits, rivers, ponds, lakes, ditches, etc get filled with water. All the birds and animals become happy by getting lots of water to drink and grow.

When we come to home, we again went outside and play in the rain. Then the fair weather came after the rain which made me to rejoice even more and enjoy life. Ankle-deep water had collected near our school gate and on the main road. This moment brought a smile on my face, that day.

It comes after summer season, a very hot season of the year. The whole environment gives a greenery look all around which is very nice for the eyes. No one minded the inconvenience of wet umbrellas, soaking shoes and wet clothes. Roads and playgrounds become full of water and muddy clay. I was too much depressed because of my performance, which was good but not excellent, even after continuous and hard struggle.Gustave Callebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day, The World Essay Gustave Callebotte was the first impressionist that painted realistic, photo paintings.

Callebotte was born inhe was a French painter that was really influenced by impressionism. Beautiful Essay on “A Rainy Day” of nature. Rain is only the most beautiful and relief giving moment in the time of dolefulness. I can’t forget the rainy day that I spent with my friends some days ago. Short essay on Social Pollution; Advertisements: Guidelines.

About Site; Content Quality Guidelines. Read this Short Paragraph specially written for you on “A Rainy Day” in Hindi Language.

Rainy Season Essay

Home ›› Related Essays: Essay on the “Rainy Season” in Hindi Short Paragraph on “My Pet” in Hindi Short Paragraph on Rainy Season. words short essay on A Rainy Day for kids.

Beautiful Essay on “A Rainy Day”

This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was July and the schools had reopened. The scorching sun and the extreme heat made life miserable. Going to the school, studying in the class or playing on the grounds all seemed to be a.

Words Short Paragraph on a Rainy Day for kids a rainy day is welcomed. In summers ponds be­come dry. Birds and animals feel thirsty.

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All men, women and children feel uneasy during hot days. With the falling of rains every one gets happy. Peacocks present a dance during rainy days. Frogs in ponds cry very loudly. The Buffaloes. Short Essay For Kids A Rainy Day. what da hell let me sign up man I just want essays. New York on November 8th, Dorthy Day was a very influential person in the catholic economic lifestyle.

Her father, John Day was out of work when she was little, which gave her empathy for other then, and later on in life because she also knows what.

Very short essay rainy day
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