Write a number sentence to match the ten frame

How many have gone? Fill in the missing CVC word according to your roll. You can use the units as a whole math curriculum or as a supplement to any classroom or homeschool math instruction. Count the ten frames. They can be seamlessly implemented into any math curriculum! Mystery Bag I created a count around the room activity called Mystery Bag.

How many gaps are there? The Kindergarten Math Units can be a supplemental resource for current math curriculum, or it can be used as a whole math curriculum. Ten Frames Tens and Ones- Fill in the ten frame to show each number.

Works with numbers Teacher holds up a tens frame and asks Who can tell me the number sentence for this card?

Fill in the ten frames to match the number. Then, have students do the same. Students trace the numbers. Hands-On Activities Here are some activities you can play!

Use the color code to color the 8 count rod to show 8 different ways to make 8. Depending on their readiness, they write number sentences and equations.

Using Tens Frames to Build the Addition and Subtraction Facts to Ten

Write the numbers used. After the teacher has given some of the pattern students can work independently to find the rest. Write the numbers used. How do we know?

Color the number that matches. Practice- Each practice section lists three types of actives that pari well with the lesson. Students trace the numbers. Circle a group of ten fish.

If you are looking to get away from the boring box curriculum or even just supplement your current math curriculum, THIS is the Kindergarten Math curriculum for you! Color the turkeys according tot the color code.

Repeat several times with all cards to build facts to ten. Use the color code to color the 7 count rod to show 7 different ways to make 7. Enjoy these game screenshots! Show it 3 Ways To be a mathematical expert, you must be a fluent thinker or be able to solve the same problem multiple ways.

November NO PREP Math and Literacy (Kindergarten)

For this activity, students spin the spinner and count how many in all and write an equation. Students record how many objects are in the cup using a recording sheet.

Each unit will offer two components to help make the math units meaningful and engaging for whole group, small group or individual lessons. The teen number they land on is the number they build using the double ten frame.

Students work on sheets of empty tens frames to fill in dots and record the corresponding number sentence. Students sort number cards 11 — Repeat several times, ensuring that all cards have been covered up to this point. Trace the sight words and read 4 simple sentences using those sight words.These addition and subtraction facts are building blocks for part-whole thinking.

Home / Using Tens Frames to Build the Addition and Subtraction Facts to Ten. Using Tens Frames to Build the Addition and Subtraction Facts to Ten. Teacher gives students the number sentence and they find the matching dot pattern. Students show teen numbers by drawing a picture, showing it on a double ten frame and writing the number.

I have also included practice worksheets! You can use these worksheets for morning work, sub work or for math journals.

*Gobble Up Ten Frames - Count the ten frames fromcut and paste the answer. *Gobble Up Ten Frames II- Count the ten frames fromcut and paste the answer.

*Turkeys Count by Ten - Look at each ten frame, color the dots needed to make ten. Write the missing number in the equation. *Turkey Ten Frames - Look at the number on 4/5(K). Use the ten frame boxes to solve the problems. Write a number sentence to match the answer.

Sally has 5 coins. Sally needs 12 coins to buy the doll she wants. How many more coins does Sally need to buy her doll? _____ Tommie collected 8 stones. Tommie’s mother gave him 4 more stones.

Build the number on the ten frames and complete the number sentence. *Center Number Watermelon Place Value Ten Frames-Color the correct number of squares on the ten frames.

Record the value of each set in tens and ones on the recording sheet.4/5(). Using the completed ten frame, they write a number sentence to show one of the facts of ten. For example, on the mat that has three hearts filled in already, students would place seven candy hearts on the empty squares, and then write 3 + 7 =

Write a number sentence to match the ten frame
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